Be Ready For This Monsoon With Your Anti Theft Back Pack

Be Ready For This Monsoon With Your Anti Theft Back Pack

The rain is pouring in most parts of the Philippines and it is quite predictable that it might be unpredictable. But the weather changes do not make much difference to our daily life, is it? We still have to get dressed, get drenched and reach our respective workplace and institute to either work of study.  But thankfully, you can mock back the monsoon if you have the following things in your XD design Backpack.

So, jot down the following notes and stuff your backpack to punch the monsoon on its face on your daily trips.

1. Umbrella/raincoat

Well, of course, you already know that, but make sure that your rain protector kits are still working fine. If not, then either get it repaired or replace with a new one. Umbrella works fine for light to mild pouring, but the raincoat is a better option for the heavy downfall, particularly for kids.

2. Waterproof pouch

No matter how mighty your smartphone is, it cannot survive a rainfall. Thereby, having a waterproof pouch is quite useful. It is useful to have a couple of ziplock bags in your carry backpack all the times.

3. Sanitizer and mosquito repellent

Monsoon brings lots of infection along with raindrops. Needless to say, having a hand sanitizer is a very effective way of keeping these nasty pathogens from deteriorating your health. Moreover, using mosquito repellent can keep yourself safe from the bites of vampire mosquito.

4. Tissues

Drenching in inevitable during the rainy season. However, you can deal with it effectively by using the tissues. So, don't forget to toss them into your backpack. Having both the wet and dry tissue is somewhat the best way to maintain your hygiene and fashion. So, have separate packs for your bag, office, and home.

5. Bottled water

Even though you feel less thirsty during monsoon, you need 2-3 liters of water every day. The chances of having water contamination are quite high during the monsoon. Thereby, carrying a water bottle is quite crucial. Obviously, one bottle cannot compensate for the entire day’s need. You can use this one particularly while being on the way and refill it with treated water at home and office.

6.  XD design Backpack

Carrying them all is most easy and convenient, if you are using the XD design backpack, which has many lucrative features. Not only, it will hold them in separate compartments for convenience, but it also is waterproof. In a nutshell, it is the perfect carrier for all you monsoon needs.

So, start gathering the essentials for the monsoon and toss them all up in your brand new XD design backpack.