Case Study: Kabizko Reseller Program

Case Study: Kabizko Reseller Program

Reselling is a very profitable business these days. Reseller program is a new trend with wide scope in the realm of marketing. There are many retailers who started reseller program, but not every one of them is very successful handling it properly. Some of them can’t provide genuine and branded product, some of them fail to deliver their products in one piece to their customers. There are so many hazards in this line. Only reselling from authentic places will not cause the loss for the resellers.

The same thing happened with Mr. Minseok. He is a reseller in the online market for over 10 years. He obviously knows about the risks and factors of reselling in that market. So he decided to buy from a retailer company and sell the products to his potential buyers. The products were cheap and without any guarantee. His business was flourishing at first. He was earning profits easily, but then came the calamity.

After some months of constant dealing and some huge investment into that company, the products started to become faulty. His customers started sending him serious grievances. The products were not guaranteed with any repairing options.

This was a real hazard for Mr. Minseok. He started to lose his customers at a huge rate. The company that he started this business with for the cheap products, they ran out of business too! So Mr. Minseok had his head in his hands. He was totally lost by the occurrence. He almost got bankrupted. No other local company would deal with him either.

That was the most disappointing phase Mr. Minseok faced while dealing with cheap and warranty fewer products. So, at last, he took the reseller program of Kabizko. He saw the chances and the profits he will make from this place, and he took it.

Kabizko delivers the products to the customer’s doorstep, but the products are sent by his name. That way he doesn’t have to make an inventory of himself. It’s the easiest way that he could have found online. He had to take less effort in dealing with his customers.

This new dealing landed very well with Mr. Minseok. Although it took time for his business to flourish, it did found back it’s profitable ground. His customers came back. Now, Mr. Minseok is doing this reselling business with Kabizko successfully.

So we can see from this case that, Kabizko reselling program is a profitable one for resellers.