Product Review- Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack Briefcase By XD Design

Product Review- Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack Briefcase By XD Design

Thieves are everywhere. They are always lurking whether in dark alleys or in the stark daylight. Better be safe than sorry. Bobby backpack is your solution.

Bobby backpack is the ideal bag for you in every way possible. If you’re a student, office goer or a business owner, you need to protect your important gadgets, papers etc. which holds so many crucial information and you want to keep them safe. All you need is this backpack cum briefcase.

Students have their important gadgets like mobile, iPad, laptop, headphones, music players, they usually carry with them. With that important notes, that they have been collecting by attending so many boring yet important classes. These things don’t come easily or not always possible to replace. So, here they need an anti-theft backpack to keep all these things safe.

Not only a petty mugger but think about your rival in school or university. What if one of them wants to steal your hard work from you because they haven’t studied the whole year! Then again they won’t do it in front of everyone, they would like to discreet enough for you not to notice.

There are office goers who work with confidential papers and information. Which if stolen, you can be in serious trouble. Whether the information is stored on your laptop or in hard copy, there are chances they might get stolen. Then you need this bag. The dual function of the bag will give you the comfort of using it as a briefcase. You can charge your electronic devices in it easily. With the above-mentioned facilities, no harm can come to the crucial thing in your bag. Here the anti-theft bag will protect your precious.
These bags have very special features:
  • Dual function, easily change from briefcase to backpack
  • Balance-pressure of weight 20-25%
  • Anti-cut and water repellent
  • Integrated USB charging
  • Integrated security lock(upgraded anti-theft protection)
  • Organized storage for key & pen holder, small pocket, zip pocket, document, laptop case
So you see, there is no way any kind of thieving act can happen with these iron guard bags. Have this anti-theft bag to be carefree and safe always.