Product Review- ClickPack Anti-Theft Backpack by Korin Design - Version 1 (Full Black)

Product Review- ClickPack Anti-Theft Backpack by Korin Design - Version 1 (Full Black)

The house of kabizko is full of various kinds of superior quality gadgets and utility accessories. The availability of high-quality products at an affordable price attracts many consumers from all around the city, and beyond. Recently we have witnessed an overwhelming response to the purchase of anti-theft backpacks in the Philippines.

Today, we will be reviewing a rather special product- the ‘ClickPack Anti-Theft Backpack by Korin Design - Version 1 (Full Black). Let's discuss few features that make it a must-have anti-theft backpack for everyone out there-

1. Authentic Clickpack- This backpack ensures extra safety against theft and lurking in, by providing a clickpack. All you have to do is to pick a smart combination and keep changing it from time to time.

2. Retractable metal wire- It may be possible to be able to stay stuck to your backpack all the time. Thereby, this retractable metal wire comes in handy. You can secure the backpack with a metal pole or grills and take a few minutes off to attend calls or nature calls.

3. Scientifically designed straps- Your shoulder no longer needs to pay for the heavy grades you keep carrying around. The well-designed back straps distribute the load evenly on the back. The waist straps also ensure the backpack stays secure to your body.

4. High-quality fabric material- The fabric material is slash resistance and waterproof. Needless to say, you can say goodbye to the possibility of theft and damage from both the calamities of man and nature.

5. Portable USB charger- This backpack will enable you to charge your electronic devices while walking, running, travelling, pretty much doing anything, anywhere while you are carrying it.

6. Storage compatibility- The backpack is segmented into various compartments. It can accommodate laptops and palmtops of diversified sizes, up to 15.6”. Moreover, with 5 compartment storage, you can segregate your gadgets and other items.

 The purchase of this particular product is pretty high. As a matter of fact, at the point of time, while writing this blog, all the items were sold out. The emails enquiring about the same is bombarding our inbox. We will soon replenish out stock and set the clock in motion.

If you were looking for an anti-theft backpack as well, order this all-in-one backpack today and flaunt it with all its glory.