Travel Stress-Free With XD Design Backpack

Travel Stress-Free With XD Design Backpack

Being robbed hurts - not physically, but from what it does to your pride.”- John Boyega

Travelling is important to keep a clear mind, but while doing so if you get robbed then half of the clear mind might become foggy and certainly, your pride gets hurt too. What if it can be avoided while you’re on the soul-searching? Surely XD design backpack has the solution for it.

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Here we list the 6 facts about XD design backpack that will help you travel more often without worrying about getting robbed again.

Cut resistant:

If you have been robbed before, you must know the slashes of blades or sharp pocket knives on your backpack, but with XD design backpack you don’t have to experience such things anymore because these bags are cut resistant. No matter how much the thieves try to make a cut while you’re travelling in a bus, train or even on the busy streets, they will fail visibly.

Locked zippers:

You don’t have to be afraid of someone opening your backpack zipper while you’re not looking. The zippers are interlocked, and you can put a number password on the lock too, Which is an amazing feature of it.

Water repellent:

Don’t worry when the rain comes or someone pours water from their balcony by mistake! Your backpack is totally water repellent. Your laptop, tablet, mobile, important papers will be fine and won’t get soaked.

Cut-proof adjustable straps:

The straps of this backpack are stronger than ever, and cut-proof too. So when the thieves try to snatch the bag out of your grip it won’t get ripped or won’t get cut.

Enough compartments:

XD design backpack has many compartments for you to put your stuff in it. You will never feel that the bag has been overstuffed, just for this includes several compartments.


The main compartment has enough space so that you can put your laptop, notebook and a water bottle inside it. None of the items will get crammed but there will still be free space inside the backpack.

Getting robbed depends on how conscious you’re while you’re travelling. If you’re not you will get robbed with or without an XD design backpack. However, if you carry one of this backpack your chances of getting robbed might become lower than normal. So travel stress-free with XD design backpack.