Where To Buy Anti-Theft Backpack In Philippines?

Where To Buy Anti-Theft Backpack In Philippines?

Anti theft backpack is a very useful for office goers and students. These bags are carefully made to keep your important stuff safe.

Anti theft backpack will keep your precious gadgets and crucial papers safe from thieving hands. The bags are cut resistant, and water resistant. So no matter how much the mugger tries discreetly to cut open your bag, it won’t tear. For being water resistant, if the rain starts to pour, even if it’s a bad day for you, it won’t be too bad because your gadgets and papers are completely safe inside the bag.

There are so many types of anti-theft bags available in the Philippines online, but not all of them are authentic enough and probably are without any guarantee. The house of Kabizko, on the other hand, gives you various types of anti-theft backpacks that are original and with a guarantee. These can be turned into a briefcase from a backpack. These bags are really convenient for both students and office goers.

Let’s look at the amazing features of an anti theft backpack:

  • Dual function, easily change from briefcase to backpack
  • Fit up to 15.6"laptop, 9.7"ipad
  • Balance pressure of weight 20-25%
  • Anti-cut and water repellent
  • Integrated USB charging
  • Integrated security lock(upgraded anti-theft protection)
  • Organized storage for key & pen holder, small pocket, zip pocket, document, laptop case

You can slide in not just your laptop, but so many other things into the bag as there still be space for additional things in it.

Kabizko gives you all the comfort you want to get from buying online. You will get genuine products, so you don’t have to worry about getting fake products anymore. Especially for anti-theft backpacks, they are the best when they are authentic. Fast delivery, cash-on-delivery nationwide. If you don’t like the product or if the product is faulty, you can have it returned within 7 days. If you want to start a business with Kabizko, you can do that too, with Kabizko’s reseller program.

With all these convenient ways that Kabizko provides, that makes this online shop most trustworthy site for shopping anti-theft backpack and so many other things side-by-side.