Which Antitheft Bag Should You Pick- Back Pack Type Or Brief Type

Which Antitheft Bag Should You Pick- Back Pack Type Or Brief Type

Having only one option isn't really an option, right! Thankfully, when it comes to picking an anti-theft backpack, you can have options. Obviously, there are various options, in terms of colors, price, space utilization, and brand, but today, we will discuss the types, based on its design. There are 2 main types of backpacks in the market, namely the backpack type and the briefcase type. Being the members of the anti-theft bag, they both have several shared features. Let’s understand the distinguished features of each to help you pick up the one for you.

Anti-theft backpack :

The backpack type, as the name clearly indicates, is the design that sits vertically on the back, over the shoulders with the help of straps. Though many design variations are available these days, the most common backpack type is more like in a portrait orientation. They are the pioneer model of the anti-theft backpack. It is the ideal choice for the everyday student, aspiring artist, and for daily use and while traveling.

As the bag stays secure with the back itself, it gives you the liberty of using your hands as per your will. Thus, it is the perfect partner of those, who spend quality time travelling by the bus, cycling, or doing adventures.

Anti-theft briefcase :

The briefcase type too, as its name clearly indicates, is designed by keeping the formal briefcase design in mind. It is very similar to the backpack version, only designed in the landscape orientation.  It is attached with comparable longer straps that can be put around the neck for securing the same. Moreover, it has a more prominent hand grip than the previous type, enabling it to be carried holding it like a handbag.

Though anyone can pick this model, it is best suited for corporate people. It is the ultimate stylish product for classy people.

So, which one would you pick for yourself? In case, you cannot pick up any particular type and kind of want them both, you are in luck, as the house of Kabizko offers several anti-theft bags that can be converted from backpack to briefcase type and vice verse. These particular models allow you to switch between each type, as per your convenience. So, explore the store  to pick the one suits your taste the most.