The following Terms of Use govern your use and access of the Website (defined below) and the use of the Services. By accessing the Website and/or using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not access and/or use the Website or Services. All terms below is applicable to both Resellers and Non-Resellers.


  1. All Resellers are required to disclose business information/s such as Online Platform, Physical Store (if any), and Personal details, to confirm Reseller’s purpose of having discount privileges given by


Requirements (Upon Registering Online) are as follows:

  • Personal Information/s
  • (URL) Shop Link


  1.   Membership Privileges –  Resellers are given 3 (Three) kinds of privileges (quota based).
  • BRONZE (Starting level) – 10-15% Discount on SRP
  • SILVER upon reaching Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (P25,000 total sales Quota) 15-20% Discount on SRP
  • GOLD upon reaching Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000 total sales Quota) –  20-30% Discount on SRP


NOTE: All resellers, regardless of Membership level/privileges is subject to a 5 transaction Monthly Sales Quota.  Some items may have the same price for all Membership levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold Members)


  1.      Direct Membership (GOLD) – A Reseller may Directly Jump into a Gold Member Level (30% Discount on SRP) given the condition that the reseller is willing to cash out Ten thousand Pesos (P10,000) as form of insurance which is reimbursable upon selling Fifty Thousand Pesos  (P50,000) Worth of transaction/s no limit, no time table.


  1. Pricing – Pricing of our products may change without prior notice, Please be updated by accessing our website.

    On Sale – Items on sale on our website, or any other item/s that are on sale on other trading channels are not covered by our Reseller Program, however, Resellers can still purchase on sale items (depending on availability) strictly on its sale price only.


  1.  Mode of Transaction and Shipment
  • All fulfilments are in form of dropship (Depending on the reseller’s request), however Will not fulfill Cash On Delivery (COD) Orders from Resellers and  Resellers’ customers.
  • Some Areas May not be applicable for shipments, Depending on our Partner Courier Ninja Van Ph and 2GO’s OSA (Out of Service Area) Conditions.
  • OSA (Out of Service Areas) orders are usually shipped through the nearest pick-up location within the region, but if the customer insists door to door shipment, we may provide Direct shipping through JRS or LBC.
  • For OSA (Out of Service Area) orders, we can ship your orders via Direct shipping through LBC or JRS. Strictly No COD orders for LBC and JRS fulfillments, you can either pay through Bank Deposit or Cash Remittance only. Shipping fee may vary, depending on, dimension (LxHxW), and weight of the order/s and JRS or LBC rates.


  • Cut off time for accepting orders, and payments (FOR NON-COD)  is 11:00 AM after which remaining orders/payments will be accepted the next working day.


  • A sales representative will verify your orders within 24 to 48 hours, if by chance a customer did not reply/coordinate with their respective order confirmation, orders will be considered cancelled after 3 to 4 days.


  • In an event an order has been processed but the customer, decided to cancel the order for whatever reason, the customer is obliged to pay for the shipping fee incurred for the transaction.


  • Shipments usually arrive 3 to 5 working days in Metro Manila areas, while for provincial areas shipments are expected to arrive 5 to 7 working days. Specified lead time may vary, depending on our couriers’ delivery requirements and turn-around time.
  • We offer a payment before fulfillment policy, will only fulfill orders upon payment of our reseller, will only collect shipping fee, and its profit margin from the goods sold.
  • is a third party service provider for the resellers, will not be held liable to all buyer-seller transactions.


  1. Consumer Policy – Resellers must comply with’s Return Policy, and Privacy Policy. All policies, Terms and Conditions are subject to change, it is the responsibility of the reseller to be updated on the latest change in Policies, Terms and Conditions.


  1. Warranty – All items have their own respective warranty, depending on manufacturer terms. Warranty is only applicable on defective items, physically damaged item/s are not covered by our warranty. All Warranty Concerns are for review and approval by our Sales Team.


NOTE: All Resellers are responsible in informing their customer/s about our Return Policy, and Privacy Policy. will not be held liable for Complaints and Returns if, the Reseller fails to inform their customer/s has the right to terminate membership of Resellers who will fail to comply with’s  TERMS AND CONDITIONS